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Mandelbrot Set Fractal Brushset No.2

Mandelbrot Set Fractal Brushset No.2

Brush set sourced from fractal components of the Mandelbrot Set. 22 fractal brushes give you incredible surface area and set 2 gets into tendrils, fronds, veins, lattice, and spirals. Perfect for that vegetation effect, fuzzy, feathery, and jungle lush feel to your brush strokes and drawing. Random patterns are created with little effort. Set 2 has been made in high-rez to include the surface area of the brushes, but the pixels are less than set 1 so I am hoping are useful in older versions? made in Cs4 ... and again, enjoy! revision to CC licence below, now open to commercial use! [both sets are ...]
Author: dennis gaylor
Categories: Fractal, Splat
Size: 3 mb
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